Partnerships that Fuel Growth

Recruit great YouTubers to grow your brand.

Increase Profit, Margins + Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs

Build and Use Tested Systems to Grow Revenue

Implement long-term strategies to ensure you stay ahead of pricing uncertainties

Why Work With a YouTuber?

Massive Reach

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.

Active Engagement

Over 5 Billion users are watching videos daily.

More Channels

31M+ channels targeting niche audiences of every kind.

Better Targeting

800-1000, # of ‘on brand’ Channels (5%+)…Over 16K channels with more than 1M subscribers

Testimonials of Beyond Consulting’s POSITIVE RESULTS with Brands and Creators ›

“I can’t recommend him any more highly. He is a strong contributor that will be able to help (will help) your company achieve greater results – and all the while being someone who is a pleasure to work next to.”

– Tom Bilyeu, CEO, Impact Theory | Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition

“Have the utmost respect for the quality of his work, marketing mind, and overall system as well as who he is as a person.”

– BiOptimizers

3rd fastest growing supplement company in the USA and the 245th fastest growing across all industries on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list

“Sean immediately stated that he wanted to prove his abilities and tenacious appetite in producing results. This was accomplished in one week and his efforts immediately yielded fruitful partnerships as proven by his prowess in the space. Business aside, Sean is a trustful teammate and friend, and has added extraordinary value to our lives.”

– Lilian Garcia – WWE host (15 years)

“Sean helped us create beautiful ads and generate sign ups. The result was truly incredible.”

– Blinkist

“We enjoyed working with him and he brought in paid partnerships quickly”

– Jordan Harbinger, YouTube Show, 90K+ Subscribers

“We ignore 99.9% of the e-mail outreach we receive, except Sean’s. His message / writing had everything in it to capture our attention and discuss partnerships..”

– Charisma on Command, YouTube Show @Charismaoncommand | 5.9M subscribers

“The ads looked beautiful! We were able to tap into YouTuber audiences that directly tied into skill acquisition.”

– Skillshare

“Sean has a really impressive outreach process and system”

– Kettle and Fire

“Great video! The promo highlighted our product and offer effectively while naturally tying into the YouTubers content.”

– Athletic Greens

“How To: Get 5-15+ YouTubers To Advertise For Your Business”

Led by Sean Joseph, YouTube Consultant.

Does your business want to advertise on YouTube?

My name is Sean Joseph and I help businesses tap the power of YouTube brand partnerships to increase customers and revenue. Since launching,  I’ve helped well recognized brands and creators profitably partner, creating win-win relationships that have lasted for years.

At 2 Billion+ users, YouTube is the modern day TV.  Lets tap into it together!

My Approach

Build Foundations

Generate / Execute Deals

Improve ROAS

Add Systems