Partnerships that Fuel Growth

Create a winning YouTube Partnerships Program for your brand.

Increase Profit, Margins + Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs

Build and Use Tested Systems to Grow Revenue

Why Work With a YouTuber?

Massive Reach

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.

Active Engagement

Over 5 Billion users are watching videos daily.

More Channels

31M+ channels targeting niche audiences of every kind.

Better Targeting

800-1000, # of ‘on brand’ Channels (5%+)…Over 16K channels with more than 1M subscribers

“How To: Get 5-15+ YouTubers To Advertise For Your Business”

Led by Sean Joseph, YouTube Consultant.

Does your business want to advertise on YouTube?

My name is Sean Joseph and I help businesses tap the power of YouTube brand partnerships to increase customers and revenue. I’ve done this for both businesses and creators, for years.

At 2 Billion+ users, YouTube is the modern day TV.  Lets tap into it together!

My Approach

Build Foundations

Generate / Execute Deals

Improve ROAS

Add Systems