In the world of digital brand partnerships, there are two giants: Podcast and YouTube. 

But as a partnerships manager, where do you decide where to channel your ad spend to: 1) achieve high ROI and 2) build long-term partnerships? 

The answer: YouTube

Why? Let’s break it down together….

Podcast Ads: downloads 

The Pros of Podcast Ads: 

  • Listening Experience – you enjoy the host; topics discussed; questions asked
  • Sensory Appeal – focuses on what you hear vs. what you see 
  • Content Depth – listeners prefer longer episodes (commutes; workouts; breaks) 
  • Ad Delivery – hosts deliver with personal touch / vocal emphasis 

The Cons of Podcast Ads: 

  • Extra Cooks – 50+ podcast hosts, each with a different method for data / analytics  
  • Unclear Data – ‘downloads’ don’t equal ‘listens’…Ex. Pod XYZ has “25k downloads” 
  • Default Downloads – if you’re subscribed to a XYZpodcast and get a new episode on your phone – that counts as a ‘download’ regardless if you actually listen – this causes data problems
  • Repeat Listens – some podcast hosts count 2+ listens from same device as separate downloads – this causes more problems 
  • Harder Conversions – listeners have to 1) listen to an ad offer, then 2) remember the website and code, and then 3) type in URL separately at different time 
  • Listening Depth – unclear what % of true audience listens and how far they listen into each episode – depending on your ad placement, it may not get heard

The Results on Podcast Ads: 

  • Unclear Gamble – you don’t know the audience you’re getting; in reality host doesn’t truly know audience size 
  • Audience Work – you’re asking the audience to take more steps to redeem an offer 

YouTube: views 

The Pros of YouTube Advertising: 

  • Sole Source – all of YouTube execution / data stems from parent company: Google
  • Watching Experience – you enjoy the creativity; content covered; unique formats / ideas 
  • Sensory Appeal – favors what you see vs. what you hear 
  • Content Efficiency – captures the imagination of viewers in short time frame (<10mins) 
  • Ad Delivery – customer sees your brand / product and is one-click away from offer 
  • Data Clarity – internal traffic; external traffic; age; gender; geography; views; audience retention

The Cons of YouTube Advertising: 

  • Busy Platform – other videos; banner ads; distractions to steal attention from viewer 
  • Content Trends – videos are getting shorter over time which will decrease ad length 

The Result: 

  • Better Predictability – exact measure on audience size; historical view data; 
  • Creative Ads – YouTube is creator-centric, encouraging creators to make a visually memorable ad to influence customers quickly (skits; product interaction; etc.)
  • Immediate Action – if customer is influenced by ad, they can click, immediately 

Final Call on YouTube Advertising: 

If we have $10k+ a month ad spend, we’re finding the best YouTube creators we can find, negotiating great value, and going all in!