When establishing brand partnerships, you want to craft your offers with the creator in mind. This will establish trust quicker and set up the foundations for a long-term relationship. 

After over 100+ calls detailing ad deals, here are the 3 key things I’ve discovered that creators want: 

#1 – ‘Creative Freedom’

Creators want to naturally include your brand / service / ad to their existing content strategy and style. Let them do so. Give them a few important parameters to ensure your brand image is maintained. 

#2 – ‘Fixed Deals’

Creators want to know how much they are going to get paid and by when. Knowing and communicating this up front makes things easier on everyone. Use a 90-day view average and a CPM of: $20-$30 to create a fair fixed offer per aad. Establish pay terms by Net30 – this will ensure your company can accurately project ad budgets (by month) and manage cash flows for good decisions. 

#3 – ‘Placement Choice’

Creators are constantly tweaking their style and timing of videos. As such, give them more choice on where to place the ad based on their intuition. That said, aim to secure placement in the first 50% of the video. In scanning several channels, this is where video retention typically drops off.