Youtube started in 2005. Within 15 years, the site saw exponential growth with: 

  • Global scale: 2 billion monthly users (25%+ of global population) 
  • Youth attention: 81% reach in United States: 15-25 year olds 
  • Consistent Visitors: Each daily visitor averaging 10 minutes or more watching videos 
  • Mobile Presence: 70% of views on mobile devices 
  • Adult Preference: 73% of U.S. adults using it on a regular basis 

Viewers use it to learn practical skills, be entertained by their favorite personalities, or explore worlds and concepts completely new to them. 15 years isn’t much time for a new media platform to grow. But the impact has been enormous.

With that growth comes the opportunities for businesses (of all sizes) to shift their focus from traditional radio, television, and film advertising to advertising exclusively on YouTube for 3 key reasons…  

#1 – The Users

With over 2 Billion users across all countries, YouTube entertains and inspires in countries with tremendous consuming power and influence 

Looking ahead the next ten years, it’s reasonable to expect that over half of the world will be connected on YouTube as governments, major media, universities, and businesses create custom content to reach audiences of all ages and geographies. 

Businesses would be wise to use YouTube to endorse their brand to engage youthful customers and future brand ambassadors. 

#2 – The Experience

watching content on YouTube is truly an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re into deep sea diving in Australia, Mukbang’s in Japan, or searching for the latest Hollywood influencer, YouTube has the range and creative tools to let all creators thrive. Creators also adapt very quickly based on the repeating feedback loop of likes, subscribers, and comments to consistently improve based on the audience’s interest. 

For businesses, this means that each channel you connect with has deep care for the audience they represent. The viewers trust that channel, so by association your brand gets greater credibility if your product / service naturally connects with the channel’s content and ethos

#3 – Data Transparency

YouTube is owned by Google. Google is King for a reason. Every channel offers a deeper analytics dive vs other content channels: podcast; instagram; tik-tok; etc. 

This means you better asses how valuable a channel is to work with via: views, likes, comments, subscriber growth, view velocity, traffic sources, age range, gender, geographies, average view duration, audience retention, and more! 

YouTube will continue it’s strong place within society for decades to come, but now is as good as any to start partnering with it to help your business!